Thursday, September 01, 2011

New site, same great people

I've been blogging over on Pet Connection for the past few years, but it went dark last night. That doesn't mean the Pet Connection bloggers have gone away weeping into the night. No way! We've all regrouped on Petted and Vetted.

Everyone's there: Pet Connection founder Gina Spadafori, science genius and bitchin' journalist Christie Keith, our resident newshound David Greene, funnyman and ER veterinarian extraordinaire Dr. Tony Johnson, pet sitting and social media guru Therese Kopiwoda, and super dog trainer and prolific writer Liz Palika. Your pain will be relieved to see Dr. Robin Downing there, and you'll also spot Dr. Nancy Kay, pet product leading light and animal lover Ericka Basile, the wry and writeful Phyllis DeGioia, Dr. Laurie Hess (our resident exotic pet specialist), cat queen Ingrid King, bunny expert Mary Cvetan, and top dog writer Arden Moore.

Head over to Petted and Vetted and give us a "like." It's the best place to keep up with what all of us are writing in both online and print venues. And, of course, you'll be seeing a lot more of me here at Dogma and Cattitude.

See you on Petted and Vetted!

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